Works and Exhibition.

2人展 ”わたしたちは 気まぐれで、いそがしい" .

I'll have 2 person' s exhibition with my friend Fujiya Shiori. I'll show 18 of my illustrations. Please come to see!

Place: Gallery & Cafe Find
Date: 2012.10.16(tue) ~ 10.21(sun)
Time: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (last day, will close at 19:00)


場所:Gallery & Cafe Find
期間:2012.10.16(tue) ~ 10.21(sun)
時間:10:00 ~ 21:00(最終日は19時まで)

西武百貨店”シブヤスタイル Vol.5" .

The "Shibuya Style" is the exhibition of new hot creators annual event. I show 4 of my illustrations at the exhibition. Please come to see!

Place: Shibuya Seibu Department Store Bld.B, F8 Art Gallary and alternative space.
Date: 2011.11.29(tue) ~ 12.11(sun)


場所:渋谷西武百貨店B館 美術画廊・オルタナティブスペース
期間:2011.11.29(tue) ~ 12.11(sun)

Colum for MEMO by tdp.

Memo by tdp

I wrote a colum for the art free paper MEMO by tdp circulated in Tokyo. The place circulated is here.

東京を中心に配布されているアートフリーペーパー MEMO by tdpにコラムを書きました。配布場所はこちら

East Japan Earth Quake Carity Post Cards!!

Pray For Japan Charity Post Cards

I made The Tohoku Earthquake Charity Post Card with my original illustration. Theme is "Love" from the all over the world and Japan, with my illustlation. The detail infomation is here.


Exhibition "Over 30 years old, we are same age"


Exhibition "Over 30 years old, we are same age" @ Kichijoji Tokyo Soko. With my friends. 2010/11/2-14.



Web Site for "Seiyo-Sakan"


Please check out the official web site that I made for "Seiyo-Sakan".

大阪の本格英国喫茶”西洋茶館”のオフィシャルWeb Siteをデザイン&制作しました。

Illustration of Cakebox and bag for "Seiyo-Sakan"


Please check out my illustration on the Cakebox and bag of English Cafe "Seiyo-Sakan" in Osaka.


CD Jacket illustration and design for "Biginners Luck!!"

Biginners Luck!! CD

Please check out "Biginners Luck!!" first album "Whisky". That I designed the jacket with my illustration.


Web site design for "Biginners Luck!!"

Biginners Luck!! Web Site

Please check out my Jazz Unit "Biginners Luck!!" official web site I made.

私のジャズユニットBiginners Luck!!のオフィシャルWeb Siteを制作。

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